Falador is the capital of the Kingdom of Asgarnia, located in the center of the province. It is a hub for freelance roleplaying and is not subject to Land Claims, although many White Knight roleplays use it as base. It is infamous for the bloody fights that break out in it's pub, usually without good reason and provoked by roleplayers who are looking for a random fight. Falador has been sacked multiple times but recovered quickly, people freelancing in the pub the very next day.

Falador's main attraction is the Rising Sun Inn. Inside role-players will often find people that do not belong in Falador in general (such as mahjarrat and vampyres), though the occasional White Knight or Kinshra is not a rare sight. It is infamous for it's constant bar brawls and often referred to as "The Land of Death", "The Rising Sun of Death", or "The Character Graveyard". It's inhabitants prefer the color black and the haircut "long-swept fringe". The inn seems to contain an infinite amount of ale, though this is no suprise since the patrons provide a steady flow of gee-pees.